04 February 2013

This summer

The boys are back to school today.  It has been 47 days since they were last at school and we have had a ball.   So nice to get to the end of the long summer break not counting down the minutes until the dulcet tones of the morning SCHOOL'S STARTING siren can be heard across the neighbourhood.  (It hasn't always been like this.)  Here's a glimpse of the last 47 days. 

Christmas - tree and house decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping, unwrapping, singing, reading, praying, teaching, reflecting, visiting, celebrating.
Saw "Les Mis" (not for everyone but I loved the stage production and I loved the film), "The Hobbit" (wonderful to be wandering around Middle Earth for a couple of hours), "Wreck it Ralph" (better than hoped for) and "Quartet" (a must see for fans of "Marigold Hotel".) 

Successfully managed to avoid kids' films with zombies central to the storyline.

Ate fish and chips by the beach.
Had a glorious two week holiday housesitting for friends who went elsewhere for holidays.  (Thanks again dear ones.)  We live near the hills and our friends live near the ocean.  The two week seachange worked for us.
Took the Smooth Chopper with us on holidays.
Watched "Brideshead Revisited."  It's still marvellous.  And that soundtrack...
Purchased a beautiful 3/4 sized violin.
Celebrated my birthday five times over a period of 17 days.  Pretty funny for one who actually likes to keep a low profile.
Watched lots of swimming lessons - pool and beach lessons - and over the course of the summer swam in five different pools and at two different beaches.
Enjoyed reunions with friends home for Christmas from other parts of Australia, England and China.
Tried several new recipes.  Some were received better than others.
Discovered chai lattes.
Started my new Bible reading plan - daily reading from the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament and getting through each of these once in the year.  This plan represents the smallest Bible reading load I've given myself for several years, despite there being four sections to read each day.  I'm enjoying taking my time with smaller chunks.
Rode down a fairly long and fast water slide and lived to tell the tale.
And read some books...but that is for another post.
And all the usual (you know, that housework type stuff that keeps things up and running)...but that goes without saying and is barely blogworthy.


Sarah said...

Welcome back, Meredith! Yay for fun, refreshing summer holidays.

Meredith said...

Thanks Sarah. And well done you for being able to look at a computer screen and compose a comment. You're doing great.

Jean said...

Aaaaah, chai lattes ... my mouth is watering. So good to hear that you have joined the true fans.

Meredith said...

Yes Jean. Delish! I always thought they were a carzy version of coffee. And also I once had a bad experience with a friend who served me tea with frothed up (a la cappucino) milk in it in his zeal at owning a coffee maker, which was a scarring experience. But this holidays I kept talking to my men folk about holidays being the time to try new things and so talked myself into ordering a chai latte. Instantly converted. Very happy to have another alternative.