How to read ALL of the Bible

The best book to read is the Bible.  Some of it is hard going.  But hard going as it is, it is important to read all of it.  And it is wonderful to read all of it.  Here are the links to a series I wrote to help you read ALL of the Bible.  They represent a bit of a crash course to help you find your way around the Best Book.  My hope is that reading this little guide will spur you on to press on with your Bible reading. 

Post # 1 - The basics of the Bible
Post # 2 - Genesis
Post # 3 - Exodus to Judges
Post # 4 - Samuel, Kings and Chronicles
Post # 5 - The Northern Kingdom
Post # 6 - The Southern Kingdom
Post # 7 - Some extra help for the period of the kings
Post # 8 - The New Testament
Post # 9 - Some reflections so far...what this series is and what it isn't
Post # 10 - Matching the Old Testament with the contents page of the Bible
Post # 11 - Matching the New Testament with the contents page of the Bible
Post # 12 - And finally (my exhortation for you to read the Bible)

And below, a small quote from Jon Bloom writing at the Desiring God blog.

Lord… You have the words of eternal life. (John 6:68)

Christians are word people. We’re really into words because the Founder of Christianity is the Word (John 1:1). He came to earth to deliver a message in words. Those of us who have believed his words recognize them as the “words of eternal life” (John 6:68). And we seek to speak these words to others so they too can have eternal life. We call these words the gospel.

Christians are also book people. We’re really into books because our Founder left us a book, a collection of the words he determined are most important for us to know and remember.

This means we’re not into books merely because they’re good for us — as in a good book is health food for the brain, though that’s true. We’re into books because words mean the difference between life and death. If books contain the right words, people may live — forever!


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