03 February 2013

Bringing in the new year

When is it the new year for you?  I chatted with a friend in early January about when the new year really kicks in.  For some the new year starts on 1st January.  That makes sense. 

For some it is a little more fluid.  The new year starts when they go back to work after the Christmas break, which may be before 1st Janaury or sometime in January. 

In my head the new year starts on the 27th December the year before.  There's Christmas.  Then there is that gorgeously quiet and still day that follows Christmas.  And then on the 27th December I put my head back up and I am into my new diary for the following year.  I am finished with the previous year's diary.  Tired of the old, bent out of shape, scribbled all over one.  Ready to open the brand new, crisp and clean diary.  (And I must boast...this year I have THE perfect diary.)

But then there is tomorrow, when for us, school returns.  And then all the midweek school, church and community activities kick into action.  It's feeling a bit like New Year's Eve around here.  Except that we won't be staying up until midnight.  And it must be true because today I wrote two cheques and almost put 2012 on both of them!

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