12 May 2014

This is the day

Last Friday was one of those rare days when I actually did my Bible reading first thing in the morning.  Occasionally it happens mid-morning.  Often during the afternoon.  Sometimes last thing before my head meets my pillow.  And sometimes today's reading happens tomorrow.  But last Friday it was first thing, and I believe that was by God's good design.  God had something to show me.  The psalm of the day was Psalm 118 - a psalm that holds a very familiar verse.

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us be glad and rejoice in it.

This verse reminds me of Sundays - and of singing that chorus at church. You've probably got the tune in your head right now.  Whenever I read these words I find I am easily distracted -  singing the song (at least in my head) - and with dear memories of congregational singing in various church settings, the side effect being that I have come to associate this verse with Sundays.

Last Friday God had other plans.  My eyes fell upon this verse.  No tune.  No mind wandering off to churches past.  This time around these words found some traction.

THIS is the day the Lord has made.
This is THE day the Lord has made.
This is the day that THE LORD HAS MADE.
And so REJOICE.  Be GLAD in that.

I reflected upon those very familiar words all through the day (the one that the Lord had made) and it gave added joy and purpose to each of my tasks.  By late afternoon I began to imagine what it would be like to start each and every day aware that it was a day the Lord had made, worthy of joy and full of Kingdom potential.  Because this isn't a verse just for a Sunday chorus.  It's a verse for every day.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12