18 October 2018



It's been two and a bit years since I've put up a post here, with sparse offerings prior to that.  My blog, along with so many of my blog's peers, has been lying dormant, so I'm not sure if there's anyone really out there any more.  But if this post has somehow miraculously found its way to you, HELLOOOOOOOOO. 💜💚💙

Why the return?  Mainly because I have a couple of lists of useful Bible readings I've done with Bible study groups during the year and I'm not great at keeping a record of such things.  I lose (throw away) bits of paper and my filing of things on computers is pretty hopeless, whereas I can locate things on this blog.  So the need to save a couple of documents has spurred me on.

But to get started with, what's been going on these last two or three years?  I've...

...wandered back into the world of paid work - a bit of relief teaching, two or three days per term of training up volunteers to deliver Scripture lessons in government schools and at one stage, I spent the school hours of a day per week in an office.  I've never had an office job before.  Hard as it is some days, I find I like the light and movement of the classroom better.

...got my teaching license reinstated.  That was quite an effort.

...grown a few flowers and vegies (and also weeds everywhere and couch grass rampaging our flowerbeds.)


...read lots of books.  Especially novels.  Lovely.  Much Bible reading by myself and with others and various commentaries for Bible study preparation but not many weighty tomes in the last couple of years. 

...crocheted a few rugs.


...transitioned both our boys into high school.  This is a surprisingly big transition for parents as well as their children but I am happy to say that I'm loving these teenage years.
...read the Bible using this reading plan.  It's refreshingly great to start a reading plan in the middle of September rather than the 1st January.  I'm on the second run through with this one and loving it.  The pairings of readings are absolutely genius.  It's very possibly the best reading plan I've ever used.  So much to say about this one - and about my ongoing delight in reading the whole Bible through every year.  There may be a post in that.
...beaten a well worn track to the orthodontist's office, via the bank.  But let me tell you, six weekly trips to an orthodontist at a location far, far away from home with a teenager are worth their weight in gold and orthodontic paraphernalia for unrushed time in the car to chat.  The hidden blessing of crooked teeth.

...travelled with my family to Europe when my husband took long service leave.  Eight glorious weeks.  Yes,  I know. 

 ...turned 50.  How did that happen??  But guess what?  It's okay.  In fact, it's great.  I'm liking this decade a lot.

...celebrated 20 years of marriage.  Yay us!

...taken to taking photos of the beach and beds of tulips (not my tulips...these are to be found at the Botanical Garden near our house.)

...become a basketball mum again after a hiatus of two or three years.  Learning how to score again. 

...watched quite a lot of movies at the cinema, catering to my inner introvert.

...and mastered a few new recipes and conquered scones, having been scarred at high school with a very low mark for cooking because my scones were crooked. 

And of course there is all the normal and good stuff to be found in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles of life.  Life is goodly full.  We'll see how this return to blogging thing goes.