10 November 2011

Think and Grow Rich

I was reading the Bible while travelling on public transport this week.  Some major catch up reading in Jeremiah, as it turned out.  The person who sat next to me was also reading.  His book was called Think and Grow Rich

His book was about growing in personal riches in a thoughtful way.  So was mine.  I thought his book, at least from the title, was a bit sad and without lasting hope.  I hope he was doing some reading over my shoulder.

But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him. 
He will be like a tree planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream. 
It does not fear whe the heat comes;
its leaves are always green. 
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit. 
Jeremiah 17:7.8

01 November 2011

Status Report: November

Aghast!  Is it really November?

Eating:  Nothing.  But ate chicken poached in masterstock with rice and veg for dinner.  Delicious.  This has hit high rotation on the menu in our house this year.

Drinking:  Tea.  Of course.

Reading from the Bible:  Jeremiah, the early 100s Psalms and Romans

Reconsidering: my earlier plan for next year of changing from this Bible reading plan, which I've been using for the last couple of years, to the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan.  It seems the M'Cheyne plan is best read at two different times of the day - either two of the chapters with your family and two on your own, or two in the morning and two in the evening.  Sometimes I read my Bible twice in a day.  Mostly I read in one sitting.  Realistically that's how it's going to continue.  And I think spreading myself across four sections of the Bible in one sitting is just going to get too bitsy.  So I think I'll stick with the plan of the last couple of years.  Which has been great.

Reading: Knowing God by JI Packer.  Fantastic.  Will blog about it when I have finished it.  But speaking of Bible reading, my eyes were on stalks when I read this bit from Knowing God in his chapter on wisdom:

Again, it is to be feared that many today who profess to be Christ's never learn wisdom, through a failure to attend sufficiently to God's written word...William Gouge, the Puritan, read fifteen chapters regularly each day.  T.C. Hammond used to read right through the Bible once a quarter. 


Delighted: to have received a letter back from Diana Lynn Severance.  I wrote to thank her for writing this book and tried to express how moving and deeply encouraging I found it.  Was glad to find that I had drawn out all the themes she was endeavouring to convey - which was encouraging for both of us.  Have I mentioned how good this book is? 

Over: my irritation.  It is a well known fact that you will hear me exclaim, in too loud a voice, "That's outrageous!" when I catch my first glimpse of Christmas paraphenalia in the shops.  This year's little outburst was heard by those standing anywhere nearby in our local KMart on 28th September.  And really, because of my eccentric behaviour, it has just become funny.  But when I walked into our local shopping centre about ten days ago and saw that they had put up their Christmas trees, lights and decorations in all the malls I was just plain irritated.  For about a week.  I'm OK with it now.  It's November.  It's now remotely close to Christmas.  But it wasn't in October.  Just saying.  And will stop now.

Excited: to be flying in a plane NEXT WEEK!  It's been at least four years since I've been on a plane.  Going on a three day trip interstate to spend some precious time with precious friends, deepening the reservoir of memories we already own together, and sharing in some good times of prayer (and probably quite some tea and coffee), before they head off to do development work overseas for a year or more.  I suddenly realised that I may not see them for a very long time and decided I just had to cross the border, albeit very briefly.

Thankful: to my lovely little family for letting me go.

Realising: that I only have five more Scripture lessons with my three classes at our local school for this year.  Feeling glad that I wished there were more lessons left and not counting down the lessons until they are done.  And wishing that I had more lessons left.

Thinking: about evangelism quite a lot at the moment.  There is a post brewing there.  About finding the freedom to relax into evangelism, about...  Well, I'll write that post some time.

Also thinking: that it's time to finish this update.