12 February 2013

Making that transition

On Saturday I went to a conference for people involved in children's ministry.  It's an annual event - I went last year and then wrote this post about helping children to transition from kids church into the life of the big church. 

This year's keynote speaker spoke in passing about the transition topic and said that in his church, at the end of primary school, he was taken aside (the end of his time in Sunday School) and asked, "Now that you are finishing up with Sunday School and moving to church, what do you think you would like to do to serve the church?"   He gave an answer and over the next three years was taken under the relevant person's wing and trained up for that particular area of service.  By the time he was into his last couple of years of high school he was a fully functional, serving member of his church and has never looked back.

He assumed, as he grew up, that this is what all churches did (and do.)  But they don't. 

It's so simple.  It's so obvious that it seems almost silly to even mention it.  And yet I am so glad he said it in all its simplicity.

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Deb said...

Yes, what a good thought indeed!