20 June 2011

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The following excerpt was on the Desiring God site today.

May our own dear ones be among the better generation who shall continue in the Lord's ways, obedient to the end. And their seed shall be established before thee. God does not neglect the children of his servants. It is the rule that Abraham's Isaac should be the Lord's, that Isaac's Jacob should be beloved of the Most High, and that Jacob's Joseph should find favour in the sight of God. Grace is not hereditary, yet God loves to be served by the same family time out of mind, even as many great landowners feel a pleasure in having the same families as tenants upon their estates from generation to generation. Here is Zion's hope, her sons will build her up, her offspring will restore her former glories. We may, therefore, not only for our own sakes, but also out of love to the church of God, daily pray that our sons and daughters may be saved, and kept by divine grace even unto the end—established before the Lord.

Excerpted from The Treasury of David (Psalm 102:28).

That is just beautiful.  I am thankful to God for the rich encouragement of these words today. 

I've been thinking for a while about reading some Spurgeon.  So if there are any Spurgeon experts out there, what would you recommend?  Where does one start with Spurgeon?


Sarah said...

I'm planning to read a book on Spurgeon himself - Charles Spurgeon: The Great Orator by JC Carlile. I've had it in my bookcase for years, but never got around to reading it (a bad habit of mine). I'll be sure to review it on my blog once I've read it.

Meredith said...

I hope you get to read it Sarah. And if you glean any tips on a good volume or two to begin with, please let me know.