21 March 2014

Caring for missionaries - in conclusion

Having a mind and heart for missionaries:    

Having a mind and heart for missionaries means faithful, sustainable, disciplined care.  A thriving relationship promotes prayer.  Prayerfulness promotes communication and contact - that is, relationship.  It's a cycle.  So to get it going...

Put it on the calendar – Mark when you are going to write personally, as a group or as a church on the calendar .  We don’t naturally write letters or correspond by email these days so we need to book it in.  Plan to do it, plan to do it regularly and then act upon those plans. 

Don’t spread yourself too thinly.  Think about how many missionaries you can feasibly maintain.  A church can cover more than an individual but in all situations keep it sustainable so that it keeps on happening and doesn’t become an overwhelming exercise.

Look after your own spiritual health.  If you are spiritually dry or empty you will have nothing to share.  Keep yourself spiritually fit so that you have plenty to give.

Friends on the mission field.  Used with permission.


Sarah said...

I've loved this series. Thanks, Meredith.

Meredith said...

Thanks Sarah. As I said at the beginning, this essentially is my workshop handout, fleshed out a little with some connecting chat. So feel free to copy and paste it into a document, add (your excellent ideas) and delete what isn't relevant and make use of it if it is useful in your context.