15 April 2013

Who knew?

I have a bit of thing about grammar and stuff.  You'd never know reading this blog.  All those sentences starting with conjunctions.  It's appalling.  But you'll never find a misplaced apostrophe for all the sentences that start with "And" and "So" and "But."

But I have been learning things this year.  It started with IKEA.  It isn't "Ikea" because it turns out the supplier of my meatballs (I won't hear you say a bad thing about them) sports an acronym.

And today, courtesy of a year five spelling book followed up by a quick tour of Google, it turns out that the Internet is a proper noun.  When you talk about internets in a general sense it can have a lower case "i" but when you talk of the Internet it needs a capital letter.  Who knew?  Obviously the writer of the year five spelling book.  But not me.  Not until today. 

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