19 April 2013

Jerry Bridges

God in His love always wills what is best for us.
In His wisdom He always knows what is best,
and in His sovereignty He has the power to bring it about.
(A unsourced quote in chapter one of Trusting God by Jerry Bridges.)

I have just spent the last month immersed in these three books by Jerry Bridges. 
The titles point clearly to the content (as all good titles should.)
Respectable Sins - about the sins that we may not even be aware of, because they blend in with what is well tolerated in society...pride, discontentment, grumbling, selfishness (it's all about me) and anxiety to name a few. 
The Pursuit of Holiness - one of those books often to be found on many Christian bucket lists of must read books, and rightly so.  A great companion to Respectable Sins as it maps a pathway for pursuing holiness and godliness, that veers away from sins both gross and respectable.
Trusting God - how to maintain that holiness, godliness and belief that God is sovereign and that Christ's death on the cross is enough when things are not going smoothly. 
Jerry Bridges writes clearly and pastorally.  In reading them I felt nurtured and challenged, taught and counselled, affirmed and encouraged.  Encouraged in the best sense of the word.  Jerry Bridges is a humble man and in all three books he genuinely and sincerely gives God all glory and honour.  If you want to see humility in action through one who holds wholly to the view that God is completely sovereign (that is, in control of all things), loving and wise, pick one of these books and delight in his gentle but strong words.  He's not afraid to say the hard things.  But he is by no means harsh.   
Good reading. 
I'd like to read some more of his books, including The Joy of Fearing God and The Discipline of Grace, but three is enough for now.  I'll save the others for another time.


Jean said...

Good to see you're considering reading "The disciplines of grace". It's such a good read.

Meredith said...

That's sounding like a reading recommendation. Excellent. And thankyou.