03 April 2013

Going offline

For a week.

This post comes to you courtesy of AUTO-SCHEDULE because as of sun-up this morning our household has commenced a SCREEN-FREE challenge.  Oldest son issued the challenge a week ago.  The start date was revised when he realised that a) he would be visiting his friend during the week suggested who has many options of screen to choose from at his house and b) the said week would also take in five days at home over the Easter weekend. 

So we start today.  For a week.  No screens.

He has made some exceptions for mum and dad.

Dad is allowed access to Word, email and the internet strictly for work related purposes only. 
Mum (that's me) is allowed email for business related purposes - so no chatting to friends, just serious stuff.  And mum is allowed one DVD on ironing night.  (I thought the offer of the DVD was very generous.)

And to honour the intent of the challenge there are no more scheduled posts from me for the week ahead.

So you won't be seeing me around the internet for the next week or so.  If you need me, it will have to be in person, on the phone or via email.  And if email, it has to be business related.  In that instance you really ought to put "CMS" in the subject box, which ordinarily would stand for "Church Missionary Society" - the organisation that accounts for most of my "buiness" emails.  Or, as some have suggested, "Catch Meredith...Shhhhhh!" or "Catch Meredith Sneakily."  Otherwise, I'm out of here.

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