05 March 2013

That moment when...

That moment when I finished my first ever set of school reports, drove straight to a friend's house, put on my tape (yes...cassette tape) of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto and sank into her sofa to the strains of that perfect first movement of the perfect concerto, a huge job behind me and knowing that writing school reports would never be THAT hard again...relaxation.

That moment when I sipped the cup of tea - Harrod's Elderflower and Champagne Tea, no less - served in a fine bone china cup and saucer...bliss.

That moment when I had breakfast out at a restaurant ON A SCHOOL DAY and then came home and danced around the house to "Forever Young" (The Corrs version) because it was the first day of my long service leave...glee.

That moment when I realised, in the dark back streets of Bologna, that I had walked myself off my map having read it upside down...lost.

That moment when I came out of the electrical goods store with my first vacuum cleaner...grown up.

That moment when the real estate agent said our offer on the house had been accepted and no, there weren't going to be counter-offers and counter-counter-offers and yes, the house (and the mortgage) was ours...disbelief.  And slight queasiness.

That moment when I came up the escalator to the waiting area to catch the plane with 20 school children in my charge behind me and saw the faces of all the other adults also waiting to catch that plane drop as they saw the 20 children who would be joining them on the flight...mirth.

That moment when those twenty children, none of whom had ever caught a plane before, let out a collective squeal as the plane took off...priceless.

That moment when I played the whole of the Mozart Flute Concerto, accompanied by an orchestral backing track, completely from memory...sublime.

That moment when, a day later, I played that concerto and three other substantial pieces for a flute exam and failed...gutted.

That moment when I surveyed the contents of my car boot - the things gathered in the moment of forced decision on being evacuated against the threat of bushfire -  defining.

That moment when I prayed to God and said yes, I wanted to live my life fully under His authority - freedom, and the most important moment.

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Ali said...

Hi Meredith,
Very sorry! I haven't got to this yet, and it seems unlikely it will happen now. Nothing came immediately to mind, except things which shouldn't be posted on the internet, so I have just dropped the ball. So, apologies for letting the side down there. It is a good idea, all the same. You might actually like to read this lady's blog. http://thinkingofstartingablog.blogspot.com.au/

She had twins years ago, very prematurely, and one of them suffered greatly and ended up with several disabilities, one of which required a kidney transplant. So, her father gave her a kidney. But, tragically, something went wrong and while in the hospital he suffered an hypoxic brain injury (read brain damage), so now she has a disabled child and a brain-damaged husband. But she does writing prompts!

Meredith said...

That's OK dear Ali. Never meant for this to cause anyone stress. I hope you have a great weekend.