10 May 2012

Teaching Kids about God

I know there are a few people out there in blogosphere who either teach Sunday School or Scripture lessons so I thought I might start an occasional series offering some tips and tricks and the odd bit of content, that I have stumbled upon and found helpful.  I know I was deeply grateful and encouraged by Simone's blog at Easter time when she posted some children's talk ideas at the eleventh hour.  I was certainly struggling at the eleventh hour before Good Friday this year and was greatly encouraged by her post at that very moment. (Thanks Simone, if you are reading this!)

And I hope that as I share bits and pieces here and there (as I said, I am planning that this will be an occasional series rather than a "post after post" type arrangement) that someone out there, maybe struggling with their teaching, might be encouraged to press on.

What follows right now is a post on getting kids to multitask to get the ball rolling, inspired by a dramatic turn around in my Scripture classes this week.

And I need some help.  Anyone got an idea for a series title that captures the imagination a bit more than "Teaching Kids about God"?   It's alright, but I think we can do better.  And any ideas for a signature photo for this series?


Update:  Here is the photo that will accompany these posts.  Thank you so much to Cathy.


Linda said...

How about 'Connecting the new generation with God's Truth'or 'Reaching the new generation' or '
Sowing seeds among the new generation' or 'Making eternal connections'.

Thanks for your tips so far, looking forward to learning more.


Meredith said...

Thanks Linda for dropping by and for your suggestions. And I am glad the multitasking tip was helpful. More tips coming soon, hopefully!