15 February 2012

Thank you

A flower for you to say thank you.
I checked my "stats" today for the first time in a long time and was completely surprised to find that there have been daily visitors here all month despite the fact that I haven't posted anything, apart from a heading, in over a month.  So thank you for dropping by and for checking in.  While I haven't been blogging I have been...

1. Recovering from December.
2. Celebrating my birthday.
3. Doing lots of holiday things with the kids.
4. Away on holidays.
5. Reading lots of novels.
6. Reclaiming house and home after being away on holidays or being at home but spending my time reading novels.
7. Drowning in start of year admin from the various things I find myself involved in.
8. Writing lengthy emails to special friends - those moments when the time has to be given to writing for the personal rather than blogging for the general.
9. Spending some time catching up with special people.
10.  And basically following Jean's advice of trying to put my family and other relationships first, fulfilling all my primary responsibilities, and not blogging for the sake of people-pleasing, and, and, and...

And while all that has been happening I have been brewing up a few blogworthy thoughts and can see a window of blogging opportunity coming my way.  So watch this space.  Actually, thanks again for watching this space while I was away.


Karen said...

Looking forward to it...

Meredith said...

Thanks Karen. I'm looking forward to it too. :-)