02 February 2012

Must write something again some time...


Anonymous said...

all in good time dear Meredith! We can wait :-)

Nice piccy


Karen said...

Yes, that would be great! I was just thinking yesterday you'd been a bit quiet lately, I was going to check in with you on facebook to check you were okay... :)

Jean said...

http://jeaninallhonesty.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/online-meanderings-failure-singleness.html :)

Meredith said...

How I laughed to find that my pithy non-post...can hardly call a heading a post after all...had generated three comments!!

Thanks for your kind counsel Sal and for your concern Karen, which was encouraging and warming.

And thanks Jean for the link! I read through your post and was trying to decide which of the posts you were directing me to...probably the ones about boys...and then I saw it at the end. And I DID laugh out loud.

Lots to blog about but just haven't found the time between
1. Having a week of getting ready to go away for a while.
2. Being away for a while - far, far away from the computer.
3. Having that week of trying to get things untangled again on returning with getting boys back to school thrown into the mix.
4. Trying to get to bed early. Every night.
5. Trying not to be on the computer too much while the boys are around to demonstrate that it is possible to be away from a screen for long stretches of time...which I can do but they find unbelievable.
6. Etc.

But yes, must write something again some time. There are a few thoughts brewing.