11 April 2011

Others' thoughts on Easter # 1

The Lord deliberately chose Gethsemane.  John's specific mention of it as a "garden" in John 18:1 suggests that the apostle has in mind a deliberate comparison with the orginal garden of Eden.  The symbolism is this:
  • The first Adam began life in a garden.  Christ, the second Adam, came at the end of his life to a garden.
  • In Eden Adam sinned.  In Gethsemane the Saviour overcame sin.
  • In Eden Adam fell.  In Gethsemane Jesus conquered.
  • In Eden Adam hid himself.  In Gethsemane our Lord boldly presented himself.
  • In Eden the sword was drawn.  In Gethsemane it was sheathed.
From "Gethsemene" by R. Kent Hughes (page31) in Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross edited by Nancy Guthrie.

I wonder whether Kent Hughes is a little bold in his assertion regarding the comparison between the two gardens.  None the less, it does illustrate the big picture of the Bible wonderfully and provides some practical insight into Romans 5:12-21.

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