12 April 2011

Be of good courage, all of you

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After being SO VERY ORGANISED this year and getting all those readings and lots of plastic eggsready for our run up to Easter...
 the days and the weeks just w...a...n...d...E...r...E...d by...
and we started doing the readings with our kids three days ago. 

AND we have already missed a day!

There is no way we are going to make it up to the Easter accounts by the Easter weekend.  And we aren't going to try.  We'll just keep chipping away at it.  The kids will get to hear the Easter story at church over Easter.  I know that because I am their Sunday School teacher!  And then they'll hear it again with us after dinner a week or two later, at which time we will fill in the gaps left by that Sunday School teacher!!

Two readings in and the boys are really enjoying it.  We've been reading from the Good News version - and in fact the older of our two boys has been doing the reading for us.  After the story we've asked a couple of questions - basic comprehension for the younger, something a bit trickier for the older.  We put a couple of jelly beans for them in the first egg.  Tonight's egg contained an extra piece of paper that said, "There won't be a treat every day but for today, if you listen very carefully we will give you a clue to help you find a surprise," and then sent them off after the story and questions to find chocolate hidden elsewhere in the house.

I'm wondering whether I should have included the account of Jesus clearing the temple in the line up.  It's a story that usually gets pulled out to illustrate that Jesus got angry.  But there is so much more to it than that.  It really sets the scene - what life in the temple had become and how in need people were of a saviour - and stands in stark contrast to Jesus triumphal entry amidst shouts of "Hosanna!"  And it demonstrates Jesus' authority.  No one seemed to stop him from overturning the tables and the chief priests and teachers of law started looking for a way to kill Jesus because they feared him. (Mark 11:18)

So that may need to go in the revised edition for next year.  If you are working through these readings please let me know if you think anything else needs to be added in or taken out.  That would be great.


Jean said...

We are using your readings, and we too only started a few days ago (and here I was imagining you doing them for weeks!) but what I've done is to double and triple up the readings; which has made for a couple of oddly arranged and long-winded evenings, but is still working well, as our kids are used to longer bible readings - we've been plowing through 1 Kings and Acts! :)

I love your readings. Happy to hear any revisions next year. Can I put in a vote for a 24-day set of readings so I can put them in 2 lots of a dozen eggs? An odd goal, I know, but let's face it, I'm a perfectionist!

It has been really helpful to me to read the Easter readings book you sent me (which again I started late and am doubling up! :) ) and to read easter readings from the Bible too. Thank you so much dear friend!

Meredith said...

Ah yes. We didn't get going straight away. Seemed like there were WEEKS AND WEEKS left until Easter. Plenty of time. And then there was the busy patch. And then suddenly Easter was two weeks away. Ha ha. Reminds of this post
where I sought to prove that I am far from being Little Miss Perfect!

I quite like the idea of 24 readings myself. 21 was a very odd number indeed! I think it would be pretty easy to bring it out to 24. I think I remember having a bit of choice in the post-resurrection readings, adding the cleansing of the temple will add another...watch this space at the beginning of Lent next year! Pretty sure by the time the kids are all grown up and left home I will have this list sorted out!!

Karen said...

We have done eight of your readings so far....like you, because I've had them for a while now, I was seduced into thinking we had plenty of time to get them all done!? So we are going to have to get busy this week....but they are going well. Mostly we have read from our ESV, but we did do Gethsemane out of the Jesus Story Bible.
And I bought the plastic eggs but didn't cut out the little readings to put them in there...
I like the idea of putting Jesus clearing the temple in there too.

Meredith said...

Glad it's going well Karen. That's funny about not even using the eggs. The aspect of the eggs that has worked well here is that our youngest's job is to find the right egg from the basket and then our older boy reads the passage. Hope the rest of the readings go well and that the children all last the distance. Go well.