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Philippians 4:4-7

30 May 2010

The Year of the Roast - 30th May 2010

I imagine I'll stop blogging about food at some stage but we had another roast this evening.  Roast beef this time.

It was easy.  It was no stress at all.  Hooray! The meat was slightly overcooked.  The vegies, while cooked, weren't golden and crunchy on the outside.  But it was delicious and on the table at the right time.

Things to think about for next time...
  1. The vegies need to go in for a bit longer - probably the last hour.
  2. When the recipe says to add a glass of white wine with the meat, don't think that because it's beef you can substitute white with red because if you do, your vegetables will have red wine coloured bottoms.  (Mine look like they are burnt on the bottom but no, it's the red wine.  Tasted fine but it's not a good look.)
  3. The carrots need to be a bit more chunky.  Carrots don't shrink when you do them in the microwave but they do when roasted.


Jean Williams said...

On roasting veges and what I've learned:

The longer you roast potatoes and pumpkin, the better - within reason! :) 2 hours is good for potatoes, 1 hour or more for pumpkin. They go all melty, brown and yummy. Rub oil on the outside for best results.

Carrots and parsnips are often best microwaved until just tender before you roast them so they're not tough. That's what I find, anyway!

Whole onions are yummy roasted too.

I agree about the wine. Red wine can come on a little strong, too, don't you think? These days I often use white - or just a small amount red, as you say.

Meredith said...

Thanks for your tips Jean. So really, the potatoes could go in after the first twenty minutes when you turn the heat down. Still parboiled?? And then the rest in the last hour. Shall give that a go.

The red wine was OK but I can imagine that white will do a much nicer job.

The complex science of roast dinners!!

The funny thing is - after all that cooking time, the meal disappears in minutes. Which is a good sign that everyone is happy with what they are eating. But it doesn't seem right when it took so long to cook. I may just have to bite the bullet and invite some friends over for a meal and serve it at our grand dining table and see if we can savour the meal over a longer time period rather than inhale it in minutes at tea time!!

Jean Williams said...

:) The hospitality roast sounds good! Although I hate cooking roasts for large numbers - you need a good oven for that, and ours is lousy. So I hardly ever cook roasts at all! But I do roast pumpkin and potatoes a lot.

I'd just bung 'em in at the start and see how it goes. Mum always roasts pumpkin for a couple of hours because she likes it all caramelly. Try it and see how you like it I guess! We like our potatoes all brown and crispy on the outside.

Jean Williams said...

ps. you don't need to parboil them but if you can be bothered (I rarely can!) they will be crisper this way

Must post my recipes for spicy roast pumpkin and salty spiced roast potato sometime. Not too spicy for kids but very, very yummy.