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Philippians 4:4-7

28 May 2010

Vegie War Addendum

I was reminded today that there was one other stage to winning the vegie war and it happened long before a carrot stick ever hit the dinner plate earlier this year.

As previously mentioned, there was a time when the list of acceptable dinner food items for one family member dwindled down to white carbs (bread, rice, pasta) and meat.  And for a time, dinnertime was a pretty sad event in our house.  We not only had a food problem but also a behaviour problem - tantrums getting to the table, tantrums at the table, banishment from the table...

To get on top of sad dinner times I instituted a set menu which went something like this...

Monday - pasta
Tuesday - pizza
Wednesday - meat and veg
Thursday - stirfy with rice
Friday - fish and chips
Saturday - burritos
Sunday - homemade hamburgers

There was enough there to fill a fussy eater's plate without too much trauma and sitting in the middle of the table at most meals was a big bowl of salad that the rest of us used to supplement our meals.  We'd not gone three weeks when both boys started to notice a pattern occurring.

Dinner times became predictable and safe.  We stayed with this routine for about two months and the dinner wars stopped.  Gradually I broadened out the menu again with the general behaviour back under control. 

And that set the scene for taking on the vegie war. 


Jean Williams said...

It would be interesting to compare the way we plan our menus now. Perhaps we could both post something on this at the same time. Or tag bloggers for this?? Email me if you're interested!

Love Jean.

Meredith said...

I'll email you! Mx