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Philippians 4:4-7

10 September 2009

It is Worse than I Originally Thought!

Not only is the hard drive on my computer failing, the motherboard is also failing. And the cost to replace both is almost as much as the cost to buy a new computer. So while I can keep blogging on my husband's computer when it is not in use (ie. not as frequently) I am otherwise off-air (ie. NO EMAILING!!!) until further notice (ie. until we work out what to do next.)

Computers - great when they are working, paralysing when they are not.

And this just illustrates rather shockingly to me once again the extent to which we live in a throw-away society. The dying laptop is maybe five years old and it is as good as dead. Mmmm...


Sharon said...

Five years is pretty good! We gave our last laptop to a less-well-off family's son when it was three years old. Any older and they're hard to even give away!

Meredith said...

That seems very shocking to me. Even though I know that technology is so fast that things are often redundant almost before they have been thought of!

By the way, thanks for the links to turn two blog columns into three. My template is "Tic Tac" - one of the templates that doesn't enjoy that kind of modification. So maybe to celebrate my impending 100th post (or a new computer???) I might have a complete change of look at The Key to the Door. This is post #85.

A few projects to ponder! Quite aside from the interesting post topics that are currently mounting up!