03 March 2014

Note to self

Not that we are having any particular issues at the moment, all thanks be to God, but I just wanted to remind myself of the three things that Ross Campbell, in How to Really Love your Child, says makes for happy children, as the year picks up veritable speed.
Lots of eye contact - happy eyes, not just the angry eyes.
Lots of physical contact - appropriate, of course.
Lots of focussed attention - not one eye on the child and one eye on the slow cooker/computer/book/TO DO list/________(fill in the blank).

The year is certainly picking up pace, but we are just at the end of a lovely and timely long weekend.  It has been good to remember these things. 


Libby said...

Great reminder of this great book Meredith. I find myself having to work hard on the happy eye contact one - not sure why - I always thought I was good at giving eye contact to people.

Had a lovely opportunity to go out with my older two yesterday. M looked after the littlies. I haven't had the chance to do that in a very long time - SO lovely and SO good for our relationships!

Meredith said...

Hi dear Libby.

I remember when I did the original review on this book you commented with enthusiasm. We must be this book's greatest fans. They are such simple points and as you and I have both seen in the past, even after just a little while, can make all the difference.

Glad you had time with your oldest two. Getting those quieter moments are so precious. They really thrive on that special attention, don't they? Which is that focused attention thing, hey. :-)