14 February 2014

Trusting God in natural disasters

What about the natural disasters that occur frequently in various parts of the world?  Many sensitive Christians struggle over the multitude of large-scale natural disasters around the world - an earthquake in one place, famine in another, typhoons and floods somewhere else.  Thousands of people are killed immediately, others slowly starve to death.  Entire regions are devastated, crops are ruined, homes destroyed.  "Why does God allow all this?" we may ask.  "Why does god permit all those innocent children to starve?"

It is not wrong to wrestle with these issues, as long as we do it in a reverent submissive attitude toward God.  Indeed, to fail to wrestle with the issue of large-scale tragedy may indicate a lack of compassion toward others on our part.  However, we must be careful not to, in our minds, take God off His throne of absolute sovereignty or put Him in the dock and bring Him to the bar of our judgment.

From Trusting God by Jerry Bridges - pages 102-103

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