01 November 2013

Status Report: November

Drinking: Chai.  Made from a teabag.  Twinings Chai.  It's not bad actually. 

Eating:  Maltesers.

Feeling: tired.

Reading: Praying: Finding our Way Through Duty to Delight by JI Packer and Carolyn Nystrom.  But you knew that.

Wondering: if anyone nearby has a copy of Heading Home by Naomi Reed that I could borrow.

Suffering: from killer hay fever.  I read in the news a couple of weeks ago that this year's hay fever season has come late and hard in our neck of the woods.  I concur on both counts.  One of my favourite parts of the day currently is when I wake up and get to take my next antihistamine.

Watching: way, way, WAY too much West Wing and wondering if you feel as sad when you get to the end of it all a second time as you do when you finish it the first time.

Thinking: I need to plan to bake one of these this month.  It was one of my things to do this year.  And I am running out of year.  How hard can it be, really?

Anticipating: the next two months, sometimes with joy and sometimes with slight panic.

Praying: for joy, not panic.

Singing: and/or listening to this beautiful song a lot at the moment.  And remembering the special times of singing it with friends on special occasions at church in times past.

Deciding: that this will be my last monthly status report.  I will be back next month (what???) but with a more seasonal approach to status reports.

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