09 October 2013

Why am I a Christian?

Why am I a Christian?

I realised late in my teenage years that I couldn't put my confidence in the things of this world.  People let us down and work, achievements, wealth, experiences, possessions, even our health won't always meet our needs or be 100% reliable and trustworthy.

If I have learned anything from the Bible it's that my greatest need though, far beyond anything else I have mentioned, is to be in right relationship with God and that I can put my complete trust in Him in all of life's circumstances, now and into the future. 

Do you ever feel let down by the things of this world?

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Meredith said...

This is my 100 word story that I put together while doing Just Start Talking. If I was talking to someone who felt let down by the things of this world I would actually tailor the question to link in directly with the issues being discussed.

It was interesting, doing this course with others, to hear others' stories with their different starting points and emphases - all reflective of their own story.