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Philippians 4:4-7

14 January 2013

Tutorial needed

So, supposing I wanted to take a photo like this one...

...and then add some text onto the actual photo, how actually would I go about doing that?  Could some kind, savvy soul please either write a set of instructions (free of fancy computer-speak) in the comments section or even write a tutorial on their own blog and then let me know?  That would be great.  Thank you. Mx


Karen said...

I am not in any way savvy on this sort of stuff, but a while ago Deb recommended, a free website which allows you to edit a photo and write text on it as well.

I was able to work out how to put the text on without knowing much about how the site worked, but if you select "edit a photo" and then upload a photo to the site, it gives you a list of icons. The one with the "p" on it allows you to put text onto the photo.

Hope that helps until someone more cluey than me turns up to assist ;)

Deb said...

Basically, you need a program that will allow you to do things in "layers" - put stuff on top of other stuff. If it's just as simple as text on top, you could do it in Word by (1) inserting the photo and expanding it to the size you want and (2) adding a text box on top and typing into that. But that would turn your photo into a document. You could print it like that but if you wanted it to stay a picture - a jpeg file - that you could sent to a be turned into a calendar or something, you'll need a different program. I usually used Photoshop Elements but of course that's not free. If you only want to do a bit of editing now and then, try this: Click on "Edit a photo" then look down the left side margin until you see the letter P. Click on that and it will let you add text and give you a choice of colour and font. You can click and drag the text around to where you want it.

Meredith said...

Perfect. Thanks ladies - and look Deb...Karen has been paying attention. :-)

I don't have a pressing need but every now and then I think of little funny things, mainly for my blog, but can never work out how to do it. So I am off to have a play.

Anonymous said...

I managed to put text on a photo through a word document but only by fluke and can't remember how I did it. Memory of a goldfish! Beijing