24 September 2012

Stuart Townend

Two and a half years ago I waxed lyrical about the CD set The Best Modern Hymns Album...Ever!  It has remained a constant favourite all that time.  It's a wonderful mix of old hymns with new tunes and recently written hymns. 

As it happens, it turns out that I haven't been
1. keeping up with what's new in church music, and
2. reading the fine print.
Because if I had done either 1 or 2 I would have noticed that many of the new hymns that have risen to the surface from these CDs and found their way onto my much hammered playlist are from the pen of Stuart Townend.

So if like me
1. you've been sitting under a rock and haven't been taking much notice of what's been happening in the musical world this last decade or two, or
2. you only buy a very small number of CDs each year,
then get to the shops and get yourself a Stuart Townend CD or two.  Or put some of his CDs on your Christmas list.  (Is it time to start talking about Christmas lists?)

I've been listening to this one a great deal lately...

and we like this one in our house too.

Beautiful words of truth set to brilliant music.  Stuart Townend's contributions to modern hymnody are completely sing-along-able and they encourage, fill with joy, nurture and teach with great richness.

Here's one from Creation Sings ("My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness") that had me doing a little jig while I was doing the vacuuming today.

Fortunately the footage of me doing a jig while vacuuming isn't available on YouTube!


Deb said...

Hey, Meredith, thanks so much for your note and craft idea. Just got it in the post today. I was tickled pink!

Meredith said...

Yay Deb. It was fun to send it. Something nice about pen and paper, envelopes and a stamp.