24 June 2012

Mid year Bible reading reboot

If you need to reboot your Bible reading here are a few ideas.  If you use take this Bible reading plan (my old friend) you could...

1.  Start from 1st January (on 1st July - and it is OK to do this...really it is) and use this plan to get you through the lion's share of Old Testament history, all of the Psalms and all of the New Testament.
2.  Start from 1st July and use this plan to get you through the tail end of Old Testament history and all of the wisdom literature and prophets, the Psalms and the New Testament.

Options one and two have you reading three or four chapters a day.

3.  Use either half (January to June or July to December) to get through one part of the Bible if working in three sections is too difficult.  Maybe Psalms or New Testament.
4.  Go here for other reading plans to start from the beginning or from the middle.

Having finished my tour of the prophets for now, I have decided to embark upon a slightly ambitious project of doing a read through of the Bible in chronological order.  Ambitious because I am going to try to get through it in six months which means double readings each day.  Ambitious because the second half of the year contains those particularly busy months of November and December.  And if I don't make it then that will be OK.  But I'm going to try. 

HEALTH WARNING:  If you are new to Bible reading or in a floundering patch, don't be overwhelmed by my overambitiousness.  Anyone who has read this blog for more than three minutes will know that I think reading the Bible is pretty important and pretty wonderful but I have floundered too.  Pick what works.  But pick something because it is a valuable and wonderful use of your time.

And if you don't need to reboot, then as you were.  Press on.  What are you reading at the moment and how do you plan your reading?


Sarah said...

What are you reading at the moment and how do you plan your reading?

Aha I was planning a blog post on that very subject.

The short answer is: I'm reading Hebrews. The long answer...stay tuned. :)

Meredith said...

I love Hebrews. And I can't wait to read your post. Mx