04 April 2012

So what REALLY happened in the run up to Easter 2012?

Despite having
and Wendy's 14 readings
we didn't manage much at all really in the lead up to Easter.

In one sense life threw some extra stuff at us this last month or two
and in another sense, life just got away from us.

It's all sounding a bit like last year.

But even so,
I am thankful to God for Amy and Wendy,
for producing such wonderful resources
that will be brilliant to use in and out of season.
Because it isn't just at Easter that we need reminding about
Jesus' death and resurrection.
The truth of Easter is timeless.

And I am also looking forward to dipping into
Jesus, Keep me Near the Cross
in the months to come.
Because that passed me by this year as well.

Do you remember the weeds?

Or the entrance hall?

I'm no Super Mummy Blogger.
But I am intending Easter to be meaningful and full of joy even so.
And I hope yours is too.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Well Meredith, Ours was very similar. What I did read was immensely encouraging, but I read less than I planned to.
Praying for your refreshment dear.