10 December 2011

The garden miracle

Peeking out from this photo is a small miracle.

It's an agapanthus in flower.  Which may not seem all that miraculous to you.  In fact lots of people don't even like agapanthus plants and some relegate them to the category of weeds.

But I have a soft spot for them.  They remind me of Adelaide - a city close to my heart - where they abound.  They remind me of Christmas.  I love their colour.

The thing is, I have had four attempts in four different gardens at growing them but have never managed to have one flower.  But our current garden obviously has the right soil. 

And behold, a flower!


Cathy said...

We have heaps of the plants, but not many flowers. Last week, when I was telling our four year old what they were called, she said, "Our next baby girl should be called Agapanthus". She has made a few assumptions there!

Glad to see your bloom! xx

Meredith said...

Agapanthus has a nice ring to it! She's so sweet and certainly your flower girl.

The funny story here is that we told the boys to go into the garden to look for the agapanthus because there had never been one in the garden before. Our youngest opened the blinds to look for it from inside, saying that he was too scared to go outside, especially if they were angry. He'd misheard and thought we said, "Angry pandas." So they have a new name around here.