03 October 2011

Status Report: October

Eating...nothing.  But looking forward to corned beef with bechamel sauce and veg for tonight's dinner.

Feeling hungry...because the corned beef smells delicious!

Drinking...water.  Just did an hour or two of weeding and now I'm a bit thirsty!

Reading...Isaiah, the 80s Psalms and Acts from the Bible.

Also reading...The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  A friend gave me a copy for my birthday WAY back in January.  I tried to read it during the summer but just couldn't get on with it at the time.  I think I had just finished with the Nancy Guthrie books at that point and nothing was going to be satisfactory after that.  But I am LOVING it now.  It's on at the movies.  If I get to see it that will be a bonus but I'm enjoying the written version immensely.

Between Feminine Threads and The Help I also read Daughters-in-Law by Joanna Trollope.  I was given a copy of it at exactly the same time Wendy reviewed it here and having been so thoroughly captivated by Feminine Threads, I knew from experience (ie. from my summer experience with The Help!) to follow that experience with something a bit lighter.  I've read Trollope before, including The Rector's Wife!  She spins a good story - always an enjoyable read if you just want to enjoy the story and don't want to have to concentrate too hard - and she is a master of characterisation.   

Listening...to John Piper's sermon "Holding Fast to the Word of God in 2010" once again.  I've listened to it a couple of times in the last month, more for the joy of listening to Piper read all of Philippians out aloud at the beginning.  But the sermon that follows, on the importance of daily Bible reading, is wonderful too.

Wondering...if it is time to put an audio version of the Bible onto my MP3 player?  I'm a visual learner.  I usually don't find just listening to the Bible all that satisfactory.  But having pulled out the John Piper sermon (above) to hear him reading out  Philippians, I am wondering if I'm entering a new phase?

Interested in...some new sermons to download. I have been enjoying John Piper and Tim Keller this year. Has anyone listened to anything really great lately that they can recommend?

Enjoying...the view outside my kitchen window.

Also enoying...the school holidays.  Term three was very busy at lots of levels so it is nice to slow down for a while.  And making a mental note to self to never start a month by saying, "This month should be fairly pedestrian."  We managed a week of pedestrian at the beginning of September before we found ourselves transported from the footpath to the freeway.

Looking forward...to celebrating three birthdays in the family this week.  There would have been a fourth but he and his family find themselves celebrating his birthday in Paris this year.  The rest of us will enjoy a delicious lunch and a browse at the Book Caffe. 

Thanking God...for His goodness and remarkable care of us this last month in so many ways.  Also thanking Him for the adults who genuinely love our boys, not because they have to by association, but because they really do love them in their own right.  And speaking of those boys, so very thankful to God that they are growing up to be such interesting, wonderful young men.

Looking at the time...and realising it is time to hit PUBLISH so that I can make my bechamel sauce and prepare some vegies. 


Wendy said...

Our reading lives are remarkably similar Meredith! A friend is going to loan me The Help (after lending me The Rector's Wife - which I reviewing this Friday!).

Have you listened to the biographies by John Piper? The ones he does at annual minister's conferences - they are excellent.

Oh, and should have told you earler - thanks for the Valley of Vision recommendation, I have really enjoyed working through it - or parts of it!

Meredith said...

It's funny seeing the parallels. I'm glad you are enjoying Valley of Vision. I'll be really interested to see what you thought of The Rector's Wife. It will help me to see whether or not I have my sympathies correctly placed.

I think we have quite a lot in common actually. But not the running. Or the Captain America blockbuster films. I laughed and laughed when you did your post on those movies because we seem to have so much in common...but not that genre of film!