14 December 2010

Advent 2010 #3 - Presents

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Here is a really great idea that a very dear friend of mine shared with me last week - which I share with permission.  She is going to write out key Christmas Bible verses on small pieces of card and stick them on a few of the Christmas presents under her tree - each one to be read out before the present is opened,  to remind everyone about Jesus in the midst of the wrapping paper frenzy.  Genius.  I think it would be exasperating to have too many, but maybe six or eight verses all up might be great - one or two each depending on the size of your family. 

I am thinking that I might do this by starting with a long strip of cardboard and dividing it into eight sections, cutting it out like a jigsaw.  The verses will end up being read out in a random order (unless I organise some very fancy way of ordering how presents are opened...probably not...) but we can collect the jigsaw pieces up as we go.  Then maybe on Boxing Day we can put the jigsaw together and read through the sequence one more time before the Christmas story is packed away until next year.

As I think about it, this might be a great idea for a Sunday School activity for this coming week.  Each child can make a set of jigsaw pieces and give them to their parents to attach to the gifts under their own trees.  Must get that organised before Sunday. 

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Helen said...

A lovely idea Miss Meredith. Like your new blog header too. x