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Philippians 4:4-7

01 January 2010

Forget Biodiversity! 2010 is the Year of...

...the Roast.

Some people seem to think that cooking a roast is the easiest meal to prepare under the sun. I can roast meat. Especially lamb. And I can sort of roast vegetables, although the potatoes aren't necessarily cooked all the way through every time. Timing the vegies is tricky. And getting all the vegies AND the meat cooked and ready to be eaten at the same time...well, that's quite a feat. I CAN make gravy. Real gravy using the pan juices, a little flour and a few secret ingredients. I used to make the gravy every Sunday when I was growing up. Problem is, when I was making the gravy back then I wasn't responsible for the rest of the roast dinner. Just the gravy. And then there is one more thing. It's not just the meat and the vegies and the gravy. It's then getting myself to the dinner table with the roast looking like it was a breeze. No stress.

Roasts are such an economical way to feed guests. I've just got to master this skill.

2010 is The Year of the Roast.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to give me ALL your favourite tips. I want to know EVERYTHING.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Is that red cabbage? My family has a "sweet and sour cabbage" recipe that looks similar to that. Unfortunately, my mother and I are the only ones that seem to like it anymore.

Meredith said...

I guess it is. Seems an unlikely dinner guest at a roast, if you ask me. The photo is one I found in the Microsoft photo stock because I don't yet have a photo of a roast dinner I made myself! I don't imagine there will be red cabbage at my roast dinners either. Orginal photos will be coming once the weather cools down here and I get going!

mattnbec said...

Yes - I agree about cabbage being strange in a roast, but I think it's something that Brits are more likely to do than Aussies. In fact, I was served a cabbage thing with some roast(ish) chicken at the hospital while being induced only a matter of days ago!

My tip re timing the vegies would be:
- Par-boil the potatoes and then put them over a hot hob with some goose fat (yes!), garlic and rosemary to crisp them up.
- Put them in the oven with the rest of the veg (pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, onions, parsnips or whatever). Cook them all for an hour or so, depending on your oven.
- If the veg and the meat aren't ready at the same time it doesn't matter - the meat needs time to rest before carving and serving it anyway and you need the pan-juices for the gravy. So take it out, get the pan juices and and put the roast under foil to stay warm.
- Then make sure the veg are high up in the oven to get nice and crisp (unless they're getting too over-cooked.
- While that's happening, prepare your gravy, put on peas or other greens etc.
- Carve the meat and serve it all up!

That's how we time it, anyway. Seems to work well, but I must say Matt is actually better at getting the timing spot-on than I am!

Meredith said...

Thanks for all those tips. Great. Goose fat?? Don't think that is going to get the Heart Foundation tick of approval!

But Bec, what is SO fantastic is that you are writing them up for me so soon after Zoe's birth!! Well done. I trust it is all going well. She looks beautiful.