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Philippians 4:4-7

11 August 2009

Troubles with Blogger

Does anyone else have a problem with Blogger putting in and taking away spaces between paragraphs at will? It decides to rearrange the spacing - the results of which generally appear only in the published post - and it just will not allow me to change it back. I seem to have a particular problem with this when I put photos in - even when I put the photos in first and then work my text around them. Can anyone give me a handy hint here so that it doesn't take three times as long as it ought to publish a post, not to mention a ton of unnecessary frustration?


mattnbec said...

YES! Matt uses wordpress for his cryptotheology blog and much prefers it. But we don't post to the Malcolms in Notts blog often enough to confuse everyone by changing the address, so we just live with the problems of Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I tend to find if you post in HTML format, then you can get things easier the way you want them, including where you want pics to be. On the new post page, use the tab top that says "edit HTML" and compose your message in there. You can move pics easily, and if you want a pic off to the side, anything you write above the java script will be above the pic and anything you write below the javascript will be written to the side of your picture. Good luck!

Meredith said...

Thanks Bec and Anonymous for your help.

Bec - I took a peek at Wordpress - but even in "2009 The Year of Optimism" with the hallmark of taking risks my courage failed me. Not sure I am up to making the change. Not just yet anyway.

And so Anonymous - welcome! And thank you for the HTML tip. I am definitely going to give that a go!!

Anonymous said...

Are you having better luck?

Meredith said...

Yes. Thank you so much. When I worked on "The Tyranny of Fiction" complete with two pictures and quotes - working in HTML - it was a snap. I'm very grateful for this easy solution. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome! I'm pleased it worked! I'm not very good at computer stuff - I sort of fell into the HTML thing by accident!

Sharon said...


I had this problem before as well. When you post a picture in Blogger, it changes the html so that thereafter, the end of paragraph tag [div]...[/div] is used (triangle brackets not square of course). This changes the standard formatting of the paragraph so the lines are closer together, as you have noticed.

I compose in the HTML editor all the time now as I find it easier, but I don't remember every tag code so I do switch back to the WYSIWYG editor "Compose" sometimes, such as when I change font or colour. Then when I go back to the HTML, I just remove any div tags I find, and I know my post won't have odd spacing issues.

In HTML you can just cut and paste the picture code to go exactly where you want it, as well. Just make sure you get everything from the first [a... tag to the [/a] tag that closes the image instructions. (Sorry if this is confusing you or seemingly far to simplified, I am not sure what level of HTML coding experience you have, so I am guessing not much at all.)

Let me know if you want more help with stuff like this.

~ Sharon

Meredith said...

Sharon - thank you so much for this input. I had to read it very slowly a couple of times because you guess right - my level of HTML coding experience is ZERO...except for whatever I have stumbled upon here in the world of blogging! I don't even know what HTML stands for!!!

Indeed getting this humble blog off the ground has completely stretched my computer know how! I have had help from other bloggers - one in person and others via email - to learn how to link, put in pictures, even how to get the "Two Ways to Live" button on the sidebar. I am a complete novice!

But what you have said makes sense and backs up what my anonymous commenter also said. And certainly since I started using the HTML format for composing in my stress levels with blogger have been significantly reduced! Which is good. Changing over to Wordpress just would have been way too scary.

Thanks for your offer of assistance. One day I may just ask you how you managed to get the sidebar on the left hand side of your blog up and running - one day when I am feeling like a new little challenge! Which is probably not tonight!

Sharon said...

FYI, it stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. But don't worry, I'd be willing to bet that most casual HTML programmers don't have a clue that it even stands for anything!

And I think I already posted the answer to your question about the two sidebars option. A long time ago I gave Mrs Edwards advice about it, if I remember rightly! I shall have to dig out the link for you.

~ Sharon

Sharon said...

Here is the post with the link to making a three-column spread.

And here is a link to another post I wrote with some instructions for using basic HTML code with Blogger, including how to centre your title: HTML hints for Blogger users.

Hopefully it won't cause you too much stress to read the posts, but maybe you'll want to leave that for another day or month. You have the links now anyway.