22 February 2009

Gratitude in the Cheese Aisle

Yesterday while I was doing the grocery shopping I found myself inspecting blocks of cheese before choosing one to put in my trolley. If the block wasn't perfect – a bit knocked about or evidence of an air bubble in the vacuum packaging that could show itself as a patch of mould down the track – I returned it to the fridge and picked up another until I found the right one to purchase.

As I was checking the cheese I caught myself wondering why I was doing it. We go through a kilo block of cheese a week (more or less) in our house and so if I see it on sale for less that $10 a block I tend to stockpile it. But cheese hasn't been on sale for a while and there is none stockpiled away. The cheese I bought yesterday will be gone by next weekend. And hey, if it happened to get a little spot of mould on it, I could just cut it off. Right?

But as I was acting out this absurd little charade in the cheese aisle it did cross my mind how wonderful it is that we have the possibility to purchase the perfect block of cheese. And the perfect piece of meat. And the perfect peach. And the freshest of milk and bread. We are certainly blessed with the abundance available to us in our supermarkets. There are a lot of cranky people in supermarkets. And occasionally I am one of them. But really, walking into a supermarket should inspire praise to God for the blessing of abundant good food there at our fingertips.

It was good to be thankful to God in the cheese aisle yesterday.

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