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Philippians 4:4-7

02 February 2016

Great games for groups

I'm about to go semi-public on this so let it be know that you first heard it here.

Take one large tarpaulin and set out a grid on it with electricians' tape.  Just like this...

My one worked out to be 10 by 7 squares but it's not imperative to have those dimensions.  It's back and knee breaking work but worth it because then you can play...

Giant Connect Four

The grid.  Two or more sets of disposable plastic plates - each set needs to be a different colour and I have had four sets successfully on the go with large groups.

The basic game:
The teams take turns to put a plate anywhere on the grid.
The aim is to get four plates in a row - horizontal, vertical or diagonal - while blocking the other teams' attempts at doing the same.  Plates can be placed anywhere on the grid.

Make it three in a row with younger children.
The actual game of "Connect Four" is played vertically and coins drop to the lowest level.  With older children pretend that gravity is involved and work from the baseline, building the puzzle up, rather than placing the plates anywhere on the grid.

The Maze Game

The grid.  A small copy of the grid with a trail marked from one side to the other - kept out of view from the children.  A whistle.


(This is a sample trail.  Make the trails as simple or complex as is appropriate for the group.)

The basic game:
The aim of the game is to step, square by square, from one side of the grid to the other.  The children take turns.  If they step into a square and it's on the pathway then there is no sound and they are free to take another step - vertical or horizontal.  If they step off the track the leader blows the whistle and the child is out.  The next child tries to retrace the footsteps and get a bit further along the track.  The winner is the one who gets right across the grid following the path.  The leader can tell them where the starting square is...or not.

Play in teams.  The children still take turns, team by team, but during their turn they will get some assistance from their fellow team members.


These games have been thoroughly tested and loved by Sunday School, Youth Group, after school Kids Club and Holiday Bible Club groups, a school class and a group of adults over the last twelve months.

Yours to use.  You're very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - great ideas for groups / camps etc :)
Keep up the good work

Rachael said...

Hi Meredith, many years ago you blogged about a game you played in SRE. I can't find the post. Can you refer me to it?

And this game looks great too. I'll keep it in mind!

Meredith said...

Hi Rachael,

Great to hear from you. Hope you are settling back into Australian life well.

I'm not surprised you can't find the post/s you were after. In an idle moment I rearranged all my labels and then in another idle moment I rearranged them again and now they are pretty useless!! Anyway, the following is the link to a page about games with minties and marshmallows...

And here is one with all of the timed challenges...

And here is another with another timed challenge...

Are they the posts you were thinking of? Please let me know if these were the ones you were thinking of or if I need to search a bit harder.

The other thing to do is google "minute to win it games" and there you will find a treasure trove of quick competition fun games that are good for SRE and Sunday School.

Hope you are well. After I have hit the publish button on this comment I'm going to pray for you.

Love Meredith x