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Philippians 4:4-7

23 February 2013

Passing the baton

A fortnight ago I ran a workshop at the Pass the Baton conference -  a day for people involved in children's ministry.  My workshop was designed for the dear people who teach Scripture in schools.  It was my top tips - gleanings from my teachers' training and then years in the classroom - to help Scripture teachers teach more effectively and so maximise their teaching time and minimise their need to discipline.  The stuff that is technically known as pedagogy.  (Isn't that a nice word.)

I thought I would put my notes up here on the old blog.

If you don't teach Scripture or Sunday School the next few posts will be of little interest.
If you do teach Scripture or Sunday School and you're a trained teacher then the next few posts will probably be of little interest.
If you do teach Scripture or Sunday School and would like some help, then the next few posts might be of some small interest. 

But bear in mind that the notes to follow are just dry old notes.  It was much more fun live.  In the live version you get to watch adults trying the timed challenges, competing against each other for prizes.  You get to eat minties and then participate in the mintie wrapper tearing competition.  And say memory verses with a mintie (wrapped!) balanced on your head or a marshmallow balanced on your tongue.  And hear the anecdotes - the hilarious tales of grand failure at the hands of a class full of children  - and the little joking asides.  What follows is just notes.  But I hope that they might be of use to someone out there. 

Coming to you under the heading of Top Teaching Tips, the posts will be divided into four sections...
Avoid (both in the sense of things to avoid and thing to do that will help you to avoid discipline)
What if?


Deb said...

Trained teacher or not, I can't wait!

Meredith said...

Thank you dear ever-encouraging Deb. I am sure there will be nothing new there for you but you will find yourself maybe nodding your head in agreement. That said, when I haven't looked at these notes for a while (their first incarnation was for a seminar for Sunday School teachers maybe ten years ago) I am reminded of some point or other that needs a little tightening up. Thanks for your cheery comment. Mx