07 November 2012

How to read ALL of the Bible # 8 - The New Testament

Following the 400 years of silence the story recommences, as told in the New Testament. Now the very helpful diagram doesn't go into the New Testament but the story becomes a little easier to follow at this point.

God knows that His people - people now scattered over many countries following the exiles and four hundred years of trade, travel and expansion - need to be rescued from their sin that continues to fracture the relationship between God and humanity.  God sends a Saviour - His Son Jesus Christ - to die on the cross taking the punishment for all sin for all time. And so the New Testament starts with the story of that Saviour - with the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.

Jesus' saving work on the cross is for all who love God. Following Jesus' return to heaven there is a glimpse into the lives of the early Christians and a look at the establishment of the early Christian church.

And throughout Jesus' time on earth, he promises that He'll come again. The Bible finishes with a peek at what things will be like on that day when Jesus comes again - both glorious and terrible - glorious for those who call on Jesus as their Saviour and terrible for those who do not.

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